About Us

We're Marco and Petra, passionate “dog people” since the very beginning.

It was actually thanks to our common passion that we got to know each other, Marco had been an Amstaff breeder for some years already (known as Shining Star's Kennel at that time) and Petra was a fervent ACD owner and fancier. Nothing we did but to join our commitment to these breeds, and that's how SMOKEMOUT was born. It's mainly a tribute to our CH Reddenblu's Let's Smoke'em Out, whose name takes from a popular cowboy said towards their enemies.

We breed Amstaffs and ACDs with the goal of getting dogs which are respectful to their breed standard, soud temperament and healthy as well, in a way to get all the possible chances for them to become a loyal and excellent life companion.

Two extremely different breeds from each other, but both with “that thing” we could never live without! Come visit us and you'll see it!